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As part of our mission to manufacture the safest car lifts on the planet, JUNHV lifts are better built and heavier-duty than the competition. Standard features, such as extended,

single-piece column pieces, internally routed chain-over drive systems, direct drive lift and ergonomically placed controls, exist on our car lifts because they make for safer,

longer-lasting products. 


After over a decade of developing our balance technologies, our wheel balancers have reached the very pinnacle of reliability and precision. The proven direct-axis drive system

is accurate within hundredths of an ounce and guarantees that wheels are balanced and vibration-free. Wheel balancers are essential tools for professional auto care centers and tire shops of all sizes. Wheel balancers are essential tools for automotive shops of all sizes.

Your new Ranger tire changer is about to become an indispensable piece of equipment in your garage. With exclusive tire changing features from Ranger, the once-dreaded

chore of changing a tire is now fast, easy and even makes work a little bit fun. Our state-of-the-art tire changer design offers cutting-edge technology and advanced features

to make this one of the most profitable pieces of wheel service equipment that you can offer.