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Max.Lifting Load:2700+2700kgs
Max.Lifting Height:1800+3500mm
Power supply:240V 50HZ 1HP
Motor Capacity:2.2KW
Net Weight:2500KGS
1. 2 separated 4 post car parking lifts installed together, one external and one internal.
2. Hydraulic driven cylinder with wire rope lifting system through sheaves.
3. Double safety locks in each post: first are one piece adjustable safety lock ladder and the other will be activated automatically in case of steel wire rupture.
4. Foldable ramps suitable for sport cars and occupy less space.
5. Automatic locking system of the latches inside ladders while electromagnetic lock release through push button on operation box.
6. Electric control panel& hydraulic power unit of external lift will be placed inside a compartment fixed to the back side of its platform.
7. Electric control panel& hydraulic power unit of internal lift will be placed inside a compartment fixed to the right side of its platform.
8. Separate Operation box for each lift, will be fixed on the front right post.
9. Wheel stoppers on upper platform.
10. Steel parts are sandblasted then anti-corrosion primer painted and top finish color coated. 
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