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Welcome to Automechanika Shanghai Exhibition

Welcome to Automechanika Shanghai Exhibition

2019/05/05 15:45
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Qingdao JUNHV will attend the AUTOPROMOTEC Exhibition,Italy, and look forward to your arrival



    Frankfurt auto parts 2019 Frankfurt auto parts 2019 will be grandly opened at the national convention and exhibition center (Shanghai) on December 3, solstice 6. 290,000 square meters of exhibition area, 100,000 professional buyers, more than 5,300 domestic and overseas brand enterprises, a number of exciting activities in the same period. As in previous years, we will work closely with many domestic and overseas industry associations and media organizations to provide strong promotion services for exhibitors.

1) the supplies and refit plate has been expanded strongly again; Repair and maintenance sector size also increased significantly expand the scale of the exhibition, many giant

2) appear on the more world famous brand will debut

3) continued to strengthen regional balance, more industry base in the Midwest brand presence, all-round display regional industry characteristic

4) comply with the global industry development trends, comprehensive focus on intelligent, electronic, automotive air conditioning and green energy-saving products many wonderful games

5) activity during this period, for the majority of the industry to build platform of information exchange and education training